Thank you very much to all my truly AWESOME PATRONS!
All of the rewards promised during the JANUARY 2017 session have been sent.

If you have any problems whatsoever with downloading or with the files themselves, please let me know right away so that I can rectify the situation for you.

The Rewards for this session included:

1. Luxura Web Comic Images, Hi-Res JPEGS (3 files)

2. Luxura Pin-Up images, Hi-Res JPEGS (3 files)

3. Vamperotica #17 PDF.

4. Vampress Luxura V3: The Ultimate Vampre Queen PDF.

5. Work in Progress Sketch Book #3 PDF NSFW.

6. Cavewoman Cover Process Video.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing this Reward Pack can get it now at my Gumroad store: